Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter and more Updates

Tomorrow starts my 4th week at work. Wow I cant believe I've already been there a month almost, talk about time going by fast.
Avery has really been enjoying "school" (daycare) and has made a couple cute little friends. I feel kinda bad though cause we really love the place where she was going and she really seems to enjoy it as well. But shes on a waiting list to get on full time and in the mean time was on an hourly bases. Being charged hourly was a lot more expensive then being full time. We calculated it out to being $1,200 a month. OUCH! James' co-worker told us about her daycare. After we checked it out, we both liked it and decided to have Avery go there for awhile. So far she is really loving it. Over all I like it as well, but I think that as soon as the other one calls and says that Avery can become full time there, I think we'll move her back to that one. Simply because of location. Its a block away from James' work and 3 blocks away from mine. The other one is across town, so a little farther away. We had a great Easter week, My Mom and Dad came for a visit. It wish I wasn't so new at work so I couldn't taken a day or so off to actually spend some time with them, but it was still nice to have them down. We got to show them a place called Diamond Valley where James and I have been thinking of buying some land to build a house on. Then Thursday night we got together with Glen and his wife Norma (my aunt and uncle) and my cousin Dianna. I haven't seen her in a long time so it was really good to catch up with her. We all went out to dinner for my parents 55th wedding anniversary. We all went to this place called Majestic View Lodge. It's right outside the entrance to Zions National Park. Its a hotel, restaurant with a gift shop and wildlife museum. It was really cool. We had a nice dinner in a hall with these big windows over looking Zions. It was very pretty. I was able to secretly snag the waitress and ask her if they do the "birthday" thing but for anniversary. She said they did and a little while after dinner brought out a brownie and ice cream dessert for mom and dad while Aunt Norma and Dianna sang Happy anniversary to them. :) it was fun. After dinner was done we all went in to see the museum and get a group picture. We had a really great time with the family. 

Mom and Dad had to leave Friday to be back in town for conference, and because my brother and his family were already at their house. :p. So we said goodbye to them as we loaded up to head to work. Saturday we took Avery to an Easter egg hunt at the park and after we went to enjoy some of the arts festival that was going on. Avery was really not liking it, But I made a deal with her that if she was a good girl and cooperated then I would take her on the Carousel. Even thought she was getting tired and hungry, she did a really good job and was a really good girl, so her and I rode the carousel and then went to the kiddie portion of the art festival where she got to make a visor and a crown and got another Easter egg. Then it was time to go home for lunch and a much needed nap while mom went grocery shopping. When I got home the wind was blowing pretty good. Avery had received a kite as a present for going pee in the potty 5 different times and we never had a good windy day to take it out. So I was pretty excited that we finally had a bit of wind. It wasn't perfect but it was enough to take her to the park and get her kite up in the air a few times. After that we went home to dye eggs before bed. Easter morning Avery was very excited to find all the eggs the bunny had hidden. She didn't even seem to care about all the candy in her basket or her new tee ball set till after she found all the eggs. :) It was a lot of fun watching her run around finding them all. After she found them all, then she became interested in the basket. We had the privilege to enjoy the 184th LDS General Conference that weekend too. It was nice to listen to all the wonderful speakers, especially our wonderful prophet. Avery enjoyed it too, because it distracted mom and dad long enough for her to eat HALF her Easter basket!. OH MY GOODNESS! She was a wild child after that. After the last session of conference got over we headed out to Glen and Norma's to enjoy Easter evening with them and their future daughter in law and her son. We did another egg hunt for Avery and then we all sat down to a yummy meal. It was nice to visit with them and have a fairly nice evening. They have this steel drum that's was made into a cow. Avery loved climbing on it and pretended that she was riding it. It was super cute. Well sorry this was so long. I hope everyone had a Wonderful Easter.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Well a lot has happened since my last post. I FINALLY got a job Its with NorthStar Financial & Insurance I am the new Executive Assistant to David Patrick there. Right after I found out that I was getting the job we also had the Wardells coming down for the weekend. So Friday I was going to get the house clean and ready and then have a mommy/daughter date with Avery. I had this fun day planned out with taking Avery to the splash pad with the river and they have this carousel there that I thought we could ride a few times and maybe even go to the Children's Museum. Lots of super fun activities that I was excited for. But as I was having my breakfast planning my day out. Avery came up to me and told me she had cereal up her nose. I looked and sure enough there was a Lucky Charm stuck in her nose. It was to far back for me to get out so we had to do the inevitable and go to the insta care. I called James to let him know and then Avery and I went and filled out the papers and waited to be called back. It took a LONG time I am not even joking I think we were sitting there for about 30 min. They finally called us back and at first Avery was just fine. She knew the routine of hopping up on the scale to get her weight and then her height and the we got into the room to wait for the doc and she started pulling out books to read. After the doc came in though she was NOT happy. The doctor and nurse came in and he showed me this nifty little tool. It was this long hose looking thing that he needed to stick down Avery's nose and then he would push the top and a bubble would inflate and the bottom of this hose and then he could drag out the piece of cereal. The only problem was that he couldn't get to the piece of cereal no matter how hard he tried and then as accidents happen it got to be out of his reach and the only option after that was take her to the ER. SO once again we loaded up into the car and I called James to give him an update as we headed down to the ER. When we got there there was hardly anyone there (thank goodness) they took us back and did Avery's weight and height again, which she was a little more reluctant to do. They took her blood pressure which Avery Hated. The nurse was so good with her though even though it had to have been frustrating, Finally after the 3rd or 4th attempt they got her blood pressure results. They gave Avery and little "bracelet" and sent us to the waiting room. Again another long wait but this one was about 45 min to an hour before they finally called us back, and then another 15 min wait in the room. The doctor came in and showed me the same tool only a lot longer than the doctor at the insta care. Avery was trying to hide from her. She tried to get it out but the bubble in the little tool popped. Something she said had never happened before. She was concerned that there may be more than just cereal so she sent in the X-ray crew. By this time anytime someone walked into the room Avery would get so scared and start to cry. The guy helping with the x-ray was so nice and good with Avery. He said he had a little girl about her age. He kept telling Avery that he just wanted her picture and asked if she could say cheese. He really helped her to calm down and Avery was enjoyed being able to see her nose bones. After awhile the doc came back in and said they couldn't see anything but that didn't always mean anything. So we tried again and a few more methods, Avery's poor nose was so swollen. After awhile the doctor said that it must have dissolved or that Avery could have sucked it down her throat. We had to wait another long time to do paper work. Poor Avery was curled up in my arms just whimpering and crying. When the lady came in to have me sign some stuff so we could go poor Avery looked up all sad and scared and started to sob again, she was so tired that she couldn't even give her all out cry anymore. We didn't even get a mile down the street before she was out cold. When we got home I thought she would wake up when I tried to move her into the house. She did for a little bit to ask for her piggie (her favorite stuffed to) before she fell back asleep. She slept for a good 3 hours. We got to the insta care at 10AM and we got home from the whole ordeal around 3PM. It was EXHAUSTING. But I still got quite a bit of the house cleaned before James brought the Wardell kids back to the house. They were down for Gavin's clogging competition and were running a little late, so Nikki headed straight there and James met her there to pick up the kids who didn't want to stay and bring them back to our house. We had a great weekend with them. Avery loved having them down to play, especially the twins. Gavin did a great job and his team got first place in their division. We played at the park, James took all the kids to laser tag while Nikki and I took the younger kids out for ice cream. It was a good chance to talk and catch up with her.Over all (besides the ER trip) it was a really great weekend. and I am ready to start at my new job, albeit I am pretty nervous. :)
These are just some fun pictures. The one above shows Avery playing with her piggie.

She has been learning how to hit and seems to really enjoy it.

 showing off her "bracelet" in the waiting room
 Waiting for the doctor.
After the doctor left. Cal you see her poor little swollen nose?
 Hospital visits are the pits. Sadly we didn't take any pictures with the Wardell's. We were just having to much fun that we forgot.