Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Update

***********Yes this is a long post...but mostly pictures. :)***********
I think James and I found a great way to make the most of the different seasons with these bucket lists we put together. It has been a lot easier to get an idea of the various things we would like to do and then write them down. Plus it helps when I post it here. :p So here are a few things we have being doing this summer after my last summer post. Every year Ogden Clinic had a Lagoon day (this year sadly was the last year). They don't pay for Toddlers and we didn't have the money to get Avery an all day pass, but we still had tons of fun. Our friends Karen and James have season passes; so they brought their little girl to spend a few hours with us. The only free rides Avery could go on was the train, carousel and Ferris wheel. We had a nice day. We walked around Pioneer park a lot looking at the different museums and buildings, rode the train and the carousel and did something that I never had done before at Lagoon. We actually sat down and watched one of the shows. It was fun to just listen to all the talented singers and watch my cute little girl dancing to the music and mimicking their dance moves. Avery also loved the train and the animals, no matter how much I tried I could not get her to look away. :p Also this year was the first time Avery wasn't afraid of the carousel, so we ended up going twice. :p She even wanted to ride the cat that went up and down, something that she was terrified of, but loved this year. :)
 We have a tradition of going to the Weber State fireworks every year, they usually have them the weekend between the 4th of July and the 24th of July ( a Utah holiday called Pioneer day). It's fun because that's usually the Sunday either before or after my birthday. :) Avery was scared of the fireworks that we had on the 4th, so I was a little nervous how she was going to react to this huge firework show, complete with music and howitzer cannon brought in by the Air force.
She still asks to see the "fireworks that go boom." the cannon didn't scare her at all and she loved the fireworks and sitting outside. She even got to play with her cousins while the adults just talked and waited for the crowd and cars to thin. We really enjoy doing this every year. :)
I had a great birthday too the same day as the fireworks we had a fun little birthday dinner for myself and Ilia (my new sister in law). My actual birthday I got a little surprise from James. I woke up to find a cute little James and Avery made candy bouquet waiting for me.
Avery had no problems helping me eat some of the candy. :p
 We have had fun play dates with our good friend Deacon that Avery loves. But after he leaves she does feel a bit tired. :)
 We have made giant cardboard box's into playhouses and played with it till it fell apart.
Daddy had a fun guys weekend in park city, so we visited the park before we drove him up there.
 While James was away we had a garage sale which was mostly Avery and I racing match box cars down our steep driveway. :) We did get a few sales but not enough to cover the cost of going to the upcoming family reunion at Lake Tahoe which we were hoping for. So we decided to have a little stay-cation of our own. 
We had built a blanket fort, made popcorn and homemade ice cream and finally rented the movie Frozen to watch. Avery didn't make it to long through  it all, but it was still fun. :)
I know she looks naked but she has her pajama shorts on, she decided she wanted to take off her shirt. We have also had fun in Avery's tiny pool in the backyard.
 We tried to go camping but due to an unforeseen expense that took up the rest of our money we didn't have any way of getting food to go camping, so we set up the tent and had a little camp out in the backyard too.
 Avery loved helping daddy set up the tent, but when it came time to sleep in it she wanted to play. But when she started getting sleepy she said she wanted to go sleep in her bed. I guess being so close to the house she had a hard time understanding the concept. But camping is still a plan this summer and hopefully when we are actually in the mountains she'll have no problems. We also went to the Brigham City pool with the family.
 I didn't get any pictures since my phone or camera isn't water proof :p, the one above is just a generic picture off the web. But we had a lot of fun. Avery surprised us all by asking to go on the big slide. So her uncle bob took one of the twins while James took the other and I had Avery. I thought for sure we were going to be heading back down the stairs, but Avery was determined. She watched Bob and Parker go and then her daddy with Andrew, and now it was her and her mommy. Again I thought one we sat down she would say no and want to get out. She loved it, so much in fact that she wanted to go again and again. She went on it about 4 more times before we left. She also found that there was kiddie slides too which she also went down quite a bit. We had a lot of fun at the pool with cousins and aunts and uncles. After we had a fun birthday party for my father in law.
We've also been doing a lot of fun games like hide and go seek...
 We've also gone to parks, hikes, and just had fun being silly
 I have also had the wonderful chance to volunteer at a private stable for these sweethearts
  Avery has even done some flying. :)
We have even had a lot of really great storms roll through.
All in all it has been a very fun summer so far. :)