Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July Fun

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. We had a nice fairly relaxing weekend. Perry city had things going on all week long and every year after the softball tournament they have a firework show, so they don't have to compete with the Brigham City fireworks. I spent most of Thursday getting my booth ready for my business Everythings Ducky Boutique but I did stop to watch the fireworks with everyone. We have a steep hill for a backyard; we climbed up the hill and had a perfect view of the fireworks. I tried to take a few pictures of them I got a few good ones but I decided to take a video instead. Here are some pictures of the ones that turned out ok.
On the actual 4th I spent most of my morning at the festivities. :) I got there just as the fireman's breakfast started and got my booth set up. James came by later with Avery to play at the park and have some breakfast. They stayed there playing on the playground till the parade started. this was Avery's first parade so I was a little bummed that I had to stay at my booth and not see her reaction. James said she loved the fire trucks siren; she kept telling it to be careful. She laughed at the people riding there horses and doing tricks on them. But James said she really loved the marching band; especially the drum line. He said she kept patting her hands on her lap to the beat.
After the parade he took her home for some lunch and her nap. I stayed at my booth. I had a really nice spot under a big shady tree across from the baseball diamond so I could watch the games. I also had a nice view of the dunk tank; it was fun watching all the kids and adults get excited to either throw the ball or be the one getting dunked. :p After the softball tournament ended and they crowned the winner people started to filter out, and vendors started to pack it up. I watched for awhile to see how many people were actually packing up before I packed up my booth too. Back at the house everyone was enjoying a nice 4th. Out of my Sil's 6 kids only her twins were there, so it was quieter than we were use to. When I got there the twins and Avery were starting to get a little wound up from being inside so much. The little kiddie pools where in the back warming up; so we decided it was time to let them play outside. The rest of the day was pretty much playing outside with the kids. Nikki and I made a firework run and when we got back everyone was in the front yard and ready. We had pop it's for the kids and sparklers; none of them were very interested in the sparklers though so we just started our little budget firework show. :p It was actually perfect timing though because when our little firework show was done the Brigham City fireworks started. It's kinda nice being able to watch them from home so we don't have to worry about the crowded park. :) After the show we got the kids in jammie's and down to sleep while the grown ups had a game night. :) We had a fun 4th and a relaxing weekend. :) Here are some more pictures.
 My little ham. She loves getting her picture taken.
 She just learned how to roll down the hill so it has quickly become one of her favorite things to do outside.

 James having fun with the rest of the sparklers that the kids didn't want to play with. :p

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hair Update

So I realized that I forgot to post about my change. My hair was getting so long, and I was trying to grow it out, but I noticed that I couldn't do my hair everyday; having such long hair took awhile to do, about an hour and a half to two hours to be exact. I just didn't have time to do it, so I would usually just braid it or stick it up in a pony tail, bun or messy bun. It got to the point that if I did have my hair down even if it wasn't straightened or anything people would say how nice it looked and how they hadn't seen my hair down in awhile. Having my hair up all the time mad me feel frumpy and kinda dumpy. So I decided it was time for a change. I searched and searched and researched and made up my mind on the hairstyle I wanted. I made the hair appointment and the day came. I was very nervous. Here are my before and after pictures.
Nope no smile. :p I was really nervous and unsure about what I was about to do. I printed off the hairstyle I wanted and went to my stylist. she was shocked at what I wanted to do, but so nice and sweet and very encouraging too. I was at the salon for a little over an hour and here is the results when I came home.
I cut about 13 inches off my hair ( I think). James had no idea what I was going to do. He knew I was going to get my haircut but he didn't know how drastic. So I put my hair in a box, I had a plan to tell him. but he came home a little earlier than I thought, so I asked my mother in law to give him the box and I ran down the hall right as he walked in. My MIL gave him the box, he asked what it was and my mil told him that she was told to give it to him. He opened it up and my mil said that he just stared at it and then smiled and asked where I was. I came up to him so he could see. He was shocked but really liked it. :) Here is what my hair looks like a month after the cut.
It now takes me about a half and hour to do my hair, I still have a lot of different ways I can do my hair and its a lot cooler. So yes I love it. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthday Bonanza

Well I have put this off far to long. :p Avery had a really great birthday. The Sunday before her birthday we had Sunday dinner at a park and celebrated both Fathers Day and Avery's birthday. She loved the park, it was large had a nice playground a large area with 4 basketball courts together and large rolling hills, that I think was actually suppose to be a little pond. She ran around like a crazy lady playing with her cousins and hardly ate any dinner. But as soon as presents and cake were talked about she was a sweet little angel who sat nice and quiet. :p It was a really fun day and she had a great time. She wanted a My Little Pony birthday so I made her cupcakes with an assortment of the 6 ponies cutie marks on them. (the picture on their butts). I also made twilight sparkles hot air balloon into a cake, or at least the basket. Avery loved it and was so excited. So were a few of the Wardell boys and a few of the girls from the birthday party next to us. :p Avery made out like a bandit when it came to presents and ate more than enough sugar. Here are some pictures...
 This is the My Little Pony hot air balloon
 Singing Happy birthday.
Avery's birthday was later that week on Thursday It was very low key but nice at the same time. We did our usual morning walk.
After our walk her Nona and grumpy gave her one of her presents early. A Dora the explorer doll house. she was pretty excited.
  Then we packed up a picnic and went and had lunch with daddy at work.
 Yeah, she's a pretty big fan of her tongue. :)
 This is Avery "peeing" on a tree like her cousins Parker and Andrew. :p She watched them doing it at the park on Sunday and decided that she wanted to do it too. After our little picnic Avery had a much needed nap. She woke up around dinner time. We had made one of her favorites, spaghetti. Then we did presents and had another birthday cake. Very low key and different from her 1st birthday. :) But all birthdays don't have to be crazy big over the top right. :) Avery had lots of fun and that's really all that matters.