Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Animal Days

On April 5th we decided to head to the American West Heritage Center in Logan for their baby animal days. We went last year and had a lot of fun despite the rain and wanted to go again this year. When we got there it was very overcast but we decided to chance it anyway. Avery seemed very excited. As soon as we got our tickets and left the main building she started asking for the animals. We headed into the park and saw the wagon rides first and decided that was a good place to start. It was just us and another little family. Avery quickly said hi and made friends with the little girl named Hannah. While we were on the wagon it started to rain, but wasn't to bad.

 the rain picked up a little more, then stopped. We headed over to where the horses were in hopes to get over to where it wasn't as crowded. The weather increased to get better and better until we had blue skies and sun shine and felt to hot in our coats. Avery had a lot of fun looking at all the different baby animals. She got to pet colts, calf's, ponies, ducklings, goats, chicks and even a reindeer.
 This is Jack the donkey, Avery made good friends with him. :)
 These are the reindeer that I mentioned.
 this poor momma. The volunteer kept taking this baby off the momma but he just kept climbing up on his mommas back.
 kisses to the duckling. :)
 We had a great and exhausting day at baby animal days. I think a new tradition was born with our family, and what a great tradition. :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mother Daughter Trip

Last spring I took a trip down to my parents house just Avery and I. We had a lot of fun so I decided
That it would fun to do it again this spring and with spring break on its way it was a great opportunity. I talked with my mom and we made plans. She was planning on coming up for my niece Brittany's first time through the temple and we were planning on going to the luncheon after. Avery was very excited to see her grandma.We talk with Grandma all the time on Skype, but Avery doesn't get to see her a lot in person. So on March 8th we headed down to Herriman to see the family, congratulate Brittany, and say goodbye to Daddy for close to 2 weeks. Avery had so much fun running around my sisters back yard and playing with the kids that by the time we got in the car with grandma she didn't even make it to the freeway before she was out like a light.She was a very good girl the whole ride down and was excited when we finally got out of the car. Especially when she saw the dogs. The first few days we just relaxed at home and tried to get Avery use to her new surroundings on her same schedule. With the mix of Daylight savings. :p At church she was a good girl, she sat quietly and either listened, sang quietly or just played with her toys and colored. Until about the last 5 to 10 minutes of sacrament then she slid off the bench and headed out the open door. :p so we walked around until grandma and grandpa came out. We then went down to nursery to see if Avery would play with the kids. She was very shy at first but then saw that there was a rocking horse and a slide in the nursery. She didn't even glance back, it was bye mommy and she was off. :) Monday we enjoyed a nice long walk with grandma and grandpa. Avery didn't make it the whole way she pretty much stopped halfway through their walk and played in the dirt and rocks until they returned then I carried her part of the way and she slowly walked the rest of the way home. We had a fun week with them. we would go on short little walks with grandma all over. We would go into town with her to do shopping and got spoiled with pizza for dinner and candy; Avery got her favorite peanut butter M&M's. Avery loved playing with the dogs, except their big St. Bernard puppy named Ginger. Whenever Ginger came around Avery would either practically climb up my leg or start yelling "Out ginger Out." The command to pretty much have ginger leave you alone.
We did take walks quite a bit while we were down there...on sunny days. It rained and snowed a bit while we were down there too. On a really nice day after a snowy day we took a walk with grandma over to her neighbors to see their horses. Avery and I both loved that. They had 2 brand new babies and a yearling. The yearling and his momma came right over to use and we all got to pet and love on them for awhile. The neighbors also had dogs that Avery loved to chase and play with. I had been meaning to get Avery a hair cut before we went down but didn't get around to it. So we went to a stylist my sister recommended and got her about 2 inches of her hair cut off. She now has this cute little bob. I like that the mullet look is gone and that this hair style looks so cute on her. She likes that the hair is out of her eyes. :p
She found this stick and started using it as a walking stick
 we had to stop and give hugs and kisses to the tree's yup my daughter's a tree hugger. :p
 more loves.
She found these stickers in her coloring book. First she put them all over her chest and belly, then they ended up on her face.
 A happy girl with her peanut butter M&M's
 Grandpa was so nice to read to Avery. It did take a little while for her to warm up to him.

 Showing off her cute new hairstyle with her hat on.
Can you see the donkey? This is a cement donkey that my parents have as a decoration in their yard. He is usually pulling a little wooden cart. but his back leg broke. Avery was very concerned when she found him. this is her going to give him loves and kisses better.
On our way for a fun time bowling. So this was a fun and funny experience with Avery. This was her first time bowling. When we got there she was so happy and excited. she got to pick out her own ball, because the one the guy brought her just wasn't good enough. She picked out her very own pink ball and was so excited to have it. Then the game started. Avery sat with grandma and watched as I picked up the ball. She automatically got really excited and kept exclaiming "Mommy's ball" then I took my steps and launched the ball down the alley, I heard Avery say "oh no ball." Then when the ball hit the pins Avery started to cry. She was so upset that the ball was gone. We had to show her it would come back. Then I grabbed her ball and showed her how to bowl. they had this cute little plastic pink dinosaur that you roll the ball down it's back. At first Avery was intrigued but then when she realized that after she pushed the ball it rolled away and disappeared just like Mommy's had done she was again upset and crying. After that she wanted nothing to do with it. So we got her a drink and mom and i took turns bowling her turn for a couple rounds while she cautiously looked on and then cried for the ball. After awhile she started to get the idea of the game and would just watch from her seat.

So I decided a new approach. I held Avery showed her the ball and bowled with her in my arms. This was not an easy task but seemed to work a little better. Eventually she would walk up to the dinosaur with me and cling to me while I pushed the ball off the dino's back and down the alley it would go. She wouldn't cry but always wanted to make sure the ball came back. My mom and I kept cheering for her and each other to show her that everything was alright and this was fun. She started to cheer and "aah" with us as we got spares and strikes, missed pins and got gutter balls. She got braver and braver when it was her turn until she was pushing the ball off the dino's back and cheered and clapped her hands as the ball made it's way down and crashed into the pins. then she would run to the ball return and make sure the ball came back. :)
 And yes she beat us. :) I got the 71, Avery got the 72 and mom the 68.
We had a great time at grandma and grandpa Earls house. We made our way home on March 18th, Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to bring us home. Avery was asking about them for a couple days after the trip. But was very happy to be back home and back to her daddy.
and I think he was happy to have his little girl back too. :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Update

I was going through my pictures and I realized that I haven't really blogged about anything since CHD Awareness Week. I blame school. :p I had 3 chapters to read, take quiz's and tests at the end of February. So I did kinda fall off the face of the earth. :p
We had a fun valentines day/week. I know that Avery wasn't really aware of the concept of valentines day. So I thought with this valentines day instead of starting with what is going to be the traditional gifts of valentines day, I thought it would be fun to do an actual gift for her. So yes I spoiled her. :p i found this cute little dress up kit with shoes, jewelry and a little purse and stuffed pink poodle for half off. She loves it. She puts on the jewelry and shoes and walks around saying "pretty". :) It's super cute.
For James I did quite a few things. I actually did the 14 days of Valentines for him. But on valentines day I had his lunch made and prepared for him to just take to work with a valentines card for him. When he got home Avery gave him her card that she "made" for him. :) I also "heart attacked" the door to our room and inside our room was a balloon for every year we were married with a note about that year and something that I love about him. So I guess you could say it wasn't a very glamorous valentines day. But it was fun and we enjoyed it. :) I guess the other reason why we didn't do a lot on valentines day is because of the big day we had planned the day after.
 We had plans to go to Salt Lake and meet up with our friend Dawn and spend the day with her at the Children's Museum at the Gateway. Avery had so much fun at the museum. It took her awhile to warm up to everything but once she did we couldn't get her to slow down. :)
 She loved the water, it took us awhile to get her to go look at other things. She would but then she would go right back to the water. She was soaking wet by the end of the day. :p
 She was a little unsure of this horse. but after she got off the first time she realized she really liked it and wanted back on. :) That's my girl!
 rock climbing with daddy
 She loves slides, so she was very excited when she found this slide that was just her size. She spent a good 15 to 30 minutes here. The slide and the swan below were her absolute favorites in this little play area.
 We were able to pull here away from the horse, slide, swan and water to take her upstairs where she discovered a new favorite thing. They had this model helicopter on the ceiling that you could make fly by turning a wheel. She loved it she just sat and watched it. Super cute. So we took her outside to see the real thing.
 This was the only thing that she threw a fit when we took her out of it. then she climbed right back up the stairs and in the back of the helicopter.
 I was trying to get her out and thought this would be a fun photo op.
 The helicopter had sound effects and everything. It had sounds of them bringing in a broken leg from a snowboarding accident. They also had the sounds the helicopter made as it was flying to the hospital. Avery loved it and once again threw a huge fit when we took her out and away from the helicopter. But we were able to take her to the next level and distract her with other fun things.
 After the fun museum Dawn treated us to dinner. we had such a fun day, Avery told us all about it on the way home till she finally fell asleep. Thanks Dawn for such a fun day!