Monday, November 17, 2014

Multiple Adventures

James' parents have decided to make the move to the north west. The house is up for sale and they are waiting for someone to come along and buy it so they can head up to northern Oregon,Southern Washington and call that home. So, what does this mean for us? Well it means we had a decision to make, do we stay in Brigham City, move to Ogden or try something new?We have been praying and fasting about where we need to be. Well due to certain circumstances we decided that we were going to try and move back down south, if that is the Lords will for us. So James and I have been applying for jobs in the St. George area. James more so than myself. Because of that over the past 3 weeks we have been taking A LOT of trips to St. George for interviews. Avery and I have only been able to accompany James on two of the 4 trips. (i think its been 4, it's all been a blur.) So I just wanted to share some fun pictures of these little adventures. James has received 3 thanks but no thanks but we are still wanting to hear back from 3 others and James left today to go down for another interview for tomorrow and then we'll be waiting to hear from that one as well. Its a little frustrating playing this waiting game so close to the holidays, but its what we have to do to figure out our future.
We had fun driving down and fun exploring the area
 We had fun visiting with my aunt and uncle
  And for the actual interview, Avery and I got to play at this fun park while James was away.
This was the first trip. The second trip that Avery and I went with James was a lot faster trip. But with two interviews in one day one at 10:30 the other at 3:00 we had some time to kill. So again we went exploring.
 I am hoping that we will hear from one of these jobs so that our lives can no longer be in limbo and I can actually start planning. But at this point James and I are really at the mercy of the Lord and we hope to receive his guidance and direction to know if St. George is the right place for us or not. So wish us luck. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Costume Photo Shoot

I forgot to post these. A few days before Halloween I thought it would be cute to try and do a little photo shoot with Avery in her Halloween costume. We had a fun time, here are a few of the images I captured.