Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome Fall

Fall is our favorite time of year the crisp in the air, the pumpkins, the changing of the leaves and our course HALLOWEEN. We have made our Fall bucket list and have been happily crossing off the various activities that we have been doing. Here are some of the pictures from our fun adventures.
Avery being a silly playing with mommy boots
Beautiful Fall weather. I love watching the clouds just roll over these beautiful mountains
Avery sporting her Fall best for school.
 Sunday drive up to Snowbasin to see the leaves. Avery was putting the pine cones back on the trees. :)

 We have this fun hike just behind our house that we like to go to. We decided to go one night for a family night.
 Best seat in the house to soak in all the Fall colors.
 Tired, hungry and ready to go home. :) We have had a great Fall so far.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell Summer

Once school started I haven't been very good about posting on my blog. sorry.  We've had a really good Summer and we are looking forward to a wonderful Fall as well. Here are some of the things we did to soak up the last of the Summer days and Sunny rays.
Avery Loved going to Willard with my good friend Nellie and her three sweet little boys. Nellie said they all had such a god time and She loved spending the time with Avery. :)
My cute little fish. She LOVES the water, just like her mommy. :)
 Cant go to Bear Lake and not stop to get a raspberry shake. Avery thinks they taste best ala corn dog. :p
 Relaxing time for me. :)
  Fun Sleep over with Abby and Ethan and of course playong Rockband wouldnt be complete with an alien mask.
 Fun at the George Eccles Dino park
 Peach Days
 We hope everyone had a great Summer and we are excited to see what Fall brings. Besides the beautiful leaves and cooler temperatures. :p