Monday, February 10, 2014

CHD Awareness Week

My Sister in law post's the best stuff on Facebook. Today she posted a blog that another Heart Mom has about CHD. This article made me cry. These woman are so strong and amazing. Their story's are so inspiring to me. It helps to fuel this fire I have inside to continue to help spread CHD Awareness. Even when I don't feel like my blog is reaching many people, or I feel like I just give the same information year after year, and when I feel like what I am doing isn't really helping to spread CHD. These stories give me the hope and strength to continue year after year to help spread their story's. To have the hope that even if I can reach one person, that it will be enough. Please join us by helping to spread awareness. Most importantly all these stories written about Heart Mom's, Heart Hero's and Heart Angels.
Here is the link to that article my sister in law posted.

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DEKowal said...

Hello, This is my Quilt blog, I post more about my quilts, then CHD stuff.
I decided to make a quilt, and rather than raffle it off, it would be easier to do a Go Fund Me page. The monies going to where my 2 heart doctors are, Children's of Pittsburgh and UPMC Presby. I need to find an address for their Foundation/ Development so people can trust I will do what I say I am. DEK